Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meltdown avoidance

Proud of self. Avoided usual pitfall of 'getting things done at all costs'.

Oli was out late teaching, so tonight we were going to eat after the kids went to bed. At 7:30 pm, home alone with children, feeding a tired Josie and trying to prepare Lili's dinner while she was in the bath. When Lili emerged and food was still not ready, instead of forging ahead with dinner, took a breath and a step back. With a tired baby hanging off my boob, dinner was not going to happen just then, was it?

A cookie for Lili, an old board book from when she was little and some reading practice on the sofa all snuggled up. Josie fell asleep, Lili had fun because we were being 'naughty'.

Dinner eventually happened and Lili enjoyed it extra because she ate it in the kitchen at a little table she set while I attempted to clear our evil countertop of dishes. I was sort of quiet at the beginning, coming down off the 'get dinner on the table' high, and Lili filled the silence with gossip about classmates.

Good to know that I am capable of learning from previous mistakes. It just took about 30 years.


Laura said...

Welcome to the brave new world of parenting two humans who simultaneously need your care and attention. You handled this situation beautifully. xo

Megan said...

Good for you! I'm starting to adopt the same attitude. Right now both babes are sleeping and instead of doing the housework I would normally do, I'm "socializing" a bit online and then resting my OWN postpartum body. This last month I was really getting rundown and it slowed my recovery! You can't do it all at the same time...I guess I'm choosing to let the house go to hell rather than the kids or myself.

Angela Ruiter Seeley said...

Glad you're taking care of yourself, Meggers :) Yes, letting the house go to hell has become a favorite pastime. I think I've even started taking satisfaction in living in squalor.