Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lili's 6th birthday, take 2 - The snowstorm that never was

My parents were here the week of Lili's birthday and Oli's parents came out for the day of (Just for the day! A morning flight from London and night flight back from Barcelona.)

The day before her b-day we made a massive yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

On her birthday Lili went to school to celebrate with her friends and the adults all went out to lunch. At 2.20pm I got a call on my cell from Lili's teacher telling me that the Education Dept. had ordered all schools to send children home at 3pm because of the possibility of snow.

So we all finished our coffees, ran to the train station, garbage picked a cool green bamboo chair, caught the train and got the girl just in time.

It never snowed, but we had an extra hour and a half for presents.


Dazzy said...

Getting a pretend snow day is a great thing to happen on your birthday.

Angela Ruiter Seeley said...

You are right.

Laura said...

Nice that all the grandparents could be there! I was wondering what the circumstance was that would put you all on the same continent, when I saw that picture earlier.