Monday, May 20, 2013

The Porig & Poo Pans series

Lili's newest passion is writing short comics about two characters she invented: Porig & Poo Pans. Porig is pronounced 'porridge' and Poo Pans, while having poo in his pants, is NOT named Poo Pants with a T.

At weekends she will scurry away and stand for long periods giggling to herself, nose bent close to the page as she sounds out words and determines just what stroke of the pencil to use to give Poo Pans' poo that truly stinky look.

For your reading pleasure, you will find a series of posts here with the first few installments of the Porig and Poo Pans adventures.

Note: Lili's spells English words as if they were Spanish or Catalan, so translations have been provided :) Don't worry, she's in an English reading/writing club now and we're starting to get somewhere with the spelling.

Poo Pans & Porig (1)

Porig and and Poo Pans (2)

Porig and and Poo Pans (3)

Porig and and Poo Pans 3

Porig and and Poo Pans
By: Liliana Seeley

One day Porig and Poo Pans were reading their favorite comics.

Then Poo Pans poo-ed on the bench and said "Let's swap benches" and Porig said yes.

Porig sat on the poo and died of the stink.

(I especially like the porridge leaking out of Porig's bowl head.)

Porig & Poo Pans 2

Porig and and Poo Pans
By: Liliana Seeley

Poo Pans was hungry. he looked for Porig.

At last he found Porig.

And ate Porig's porridge.

(I like Porig's frowny face here.)

Poop Pans & Porig

Poop Pans and Porig
By: Liliana Seeley

One day Porig split some of his porridge and Poop Pans had to clean it up.

Porig's mummy got cross with Porig.

Porig's mummy got so angry she kicked Porig and Porig's porridge fell out and the ambulance came.

Monday, May 13, 2013

For sale

The following movie was made for a short film competition. We had 24 hours to write, shoot and edit a 2 min movie that included the following: A kiss, a calculator and the word corruption.
En Venta from Oliver Seeley on Vimeo.