Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lily lines

Lily is interested in old people and is always asking me question about them. She sees lots of old people in our neighborhood who have "helpers" so they can get around. She knows that when we get older, our bodies don't work as well, but wonders what else happens when we're older and often asks for clarification. For example, after listening to my heartbeat the other day she asked, "Do old people have hearts?"

Another great recent line requires a bit of prior knowledge: the word for 'milk' in Catalan sound similar to 'yet'. Oli is fond of saying to Lily, "The Force is really rather strong with you Lil, but you're not a Jedi yet." The last time he said it she responded, "Milk?! Does Darth Vader speak Catalan!?"


Monday, May 18, 2009

What we've been doing lately

I went to Madrid and saw Colin and Kristen. It was cool, especially because the institute in Madrid gave Kristen lots of money, and I got to help spend it.

Our friend Sara (a real Italian) made pizzas for us, with Lily. Making the dough was the best part. Lily was ecstatic and Sara more patient than I ever am.

Daz and Oli waited in desperation.

The boys found a way to amuse themselves while the cooks were busy, water balloon throwing, which has very much become a Sunday ritual.

Putting the pizza topping on was the second best part. Unfortunately, never got a shot of the final pizzas (4 of them!) because I was busy eating them.

This week it was our turn (though we didn't plan it that way, a dinner just sort of happened) and we made paella, for the first time, for several people (Daz, Stephanie, Sara, Mikey, Lily and ourselves). Oli got in this one publicity photo, but I'd like to take credit for the paella that ensued.

Hunger and chat.

La poderosa.

Also this weekend, we attended La Nit dels Museus during which many Barcelona museums had free entry and concerts a'happening. We went to the National Museum of Catalan Art, where Lily discovered painting and sculpture, as well as a new friend. Watch for the surprise ending.