Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kentucky Fried Tears - Pay up!

Hello people coming to the Kentucky Fried Tears weekend in the Catalan countryside May 23 - 25.
We're asking for 18 euros per person for food and accommodation for the whole of Saturday and Sunday. 

You can pay:
1. Transferring 18 euros per person to bank account 2100 3060 53 22 01673767, so that money arrives by Wednesday, May 21st.
2. Donating 18 euros per person to Angela's paypal account using the button below: By Saturday , May 17 so time to withdraw money to bank account. (CLOSED now)
3. Bringing cash to my house.

Please contribute ASAP so we can do some shoppin'.

Remember to bring your own drinks...though we'll have some ;)