Sunday, January 20, 2008

28 weeks lily

This is what happens when lily stays at home with mum all day.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How I spent my Christmas vacation (in no particular order and without New Year's photos)


I just found these photos on Oli's computer in a temporary folder where I had put them, meaning to blog them.

Oli's parents came to visit us in November and we took the scenic cable car from Barceloneta beach to Mont Juic.

PS - There was a fire in the city on this day and we got an aerial view of it before walking past it later in the day.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Some of our blurry New Year's photos, taken just as the camera battery was dying, offer a glimpse of years to come:

Kevin wins the 2020 elections to become the first president with hair cancer:

Canoodling with dubious environmental and bank lobbyists causes whispers on Capitol Hill.

I can't think of any amusing predictions about this photo, but I welcome yours.

I just wish you'd asked first

I feel Colin’s recent post. The cold tummy feeling is also creeping up in me as we part ways with our Chicago friends again. As I wrote in some of my Christmas cards this year, in the last few years, late November has brought a certain building excitement as I know the time to reunite will soon be upon us. I think that we have moved on to a new stage in our friendships in which we can take comfort in the knowledge that despite distance and diverging interests, our good old friends are out there thinking about us as much as we think about them at happy and sad times, that we can and will all come together from time to time to discuss life’s joys and challenges and to dance, dance as if we were…dancers.

Check out the nice New Year’s photos on Colin’s blog.

Cold tummy feelings aside, I just know they’re going to find a cure for hair cancer in 2008.

Happy New Year. Let’s take it on with moxie.