Thursday, February 16, 2012

In search of a firmer butt.

Alas, I have reached that point when it has become clear that I either:
a) accept my sagging butt, hamstrings and squidgy middle or
b) work out (a little)

I have chosen option b. Mostly because I'm actually pretty thin, but pregnancy has made a few bits of me hangy....and no one, NO ONE, likes the look of a skinny person with saggy bits in a bathing suit.

If I'm to enjoy the beach without being self conscious this year, I must get to it.

Thus, the other day I walked up and down our 11 flights of stairs 5 time. This really only made my calves burn the next day.... But was surprisingly an enjoyable way to start the day. Monotonous task that got the blood pumping.

Am currently working through some butt firming workouts on Fitness Magazine's website. Had to create a free account to view them....but thus far, no spam.

This one seemed to do nothing for my butt but made other things burn.
The Booty-Camp Workout

This one made it burn a little.
The 15-Minute Bootylicious Butt Workout

Still have to try this one.
The Short Shorts Workout

Idea is to pick the best one and do it and the stairs often. With hope, you who live in Barcelona will be able to bounce coins off my bum come June.

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TaylorStreet said...

You are beautiful and will be beautiful whatever you do! Hope all is well!