Friday, September 29, 2006

Lily and Elmo

This is a quick vid I whipped up of Lily and Elmo playing together. Lily finds Elmo hilarious except for when he goes in circles.

Also, my phone was stolen

Yeah -

I forgot to say that people who usually call my cell phone should not because it was stolen by a kid named Alex. I should be up and running with the same number next week, thanks to my mom and her extra Cingular cell phone.

Quick anecdote. I entered the Logan Square library the other day and put my phone on vibrate. Then I sat at a computer, opened my bag to get out a book, and did about thrity minutes of typing. I moved to a nearby table to study. Then just a few minutes later I realized my phone was missing. It could only have fallen out of my bag when I opened for the book; so I had been away from it for only a few minutes, yet it was not by the computer I had been at. Since no one had turned it in and it was NOT in my bag, I decided it had been picked up by some person who had no intention of returning it. (At the library? COME ON. The library is happy nice place, not a hang out for thugs.)

Back home Oli tried calling my phone repeatedly until someone did pick up. Oli put on an even, stern voice and simply said, "Give us the phone back." This tone went on as he talked with "Alex" who said he'd give back the phone for money. Oli pointed out that Alex had been recorded on the library's CCT system and should return the phone to the library...or else. Alex hung up. Oli sent a threatening text and Alex sent back one involving an expletive (written in text message abbreviation). I sent a pleading text saying our kid had a rare disease and we needed the phone (C'mon, that's funny.) After ten minutes, I decided it was useless and had the phone disconnected.

So if you need me, for now, call my new work phone number (I have a direct line now which you can find on the uic website) or at home.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Has anyone noticed...

that we need to post more often?

Will do soon. In the meantime, quick update:
1 - I'm doing a master's in Linguistics and ESL/EFL. It's fun and I'm doing take-home essay exams for the next three weeks.
2 - Lily crawls. Holy cow! Bung-oh! Tally-hoo!
3 - Oli might get a filming job through Cassie Hatzfeld. Wow!
4 - We want to go see the movie Jesus Camp on Friday with Colin, but can't find a babysitter. Movie's at 9:45 pm. Any takers?
5 - Oli finishes his Rape Victim Advocates training this Saturday. Congratulations to the best British Rape Victim Advocate in Illinois, maybe even in Chicago.
6 - We are waiting for Oli's permanent residence to come through so we can buy our tickets to England/Spain for the holiday season. Two weeks of Euro vacation, are you in our future?
7 - Our car pipe was fixed. Then we got a flat tire and replaced all of our tires. Seriously considering going the Igo ( way.
8 - Planning a trip to Urbana to visit the Hughes Taylor family for the weekend of Oct 21. Autumnal small-town America is nice.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lily stands up in her crib

Yes, that's right, Lily stands up in her crib and I made a movie about it and put it to 'poppin me collar' by Three Six Mafia
Watch it!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


We went to Wisconsin many weeks ago with the in-laws and those pesky kids of theirs. Here, at last, is the video of the holiday and another of those aforementioned kids searching for monsters.

Not much else to say really.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Bridal pox

Megan and Marty were married on Friday evening. Huzzah to Mr. and Mrs. Edith!

At the blissful event I aquired several mosquito bites that didn't fully break out until today, Sunday.

This morning they looked like this:

Now they look like this:

Looks like small pox. Doesn't itch too badly because I refrained from scratching them all day.