Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Skating, Minecraft, gardening & scrapped baby faces - Or - Semana Santa cont'd

[Note: This is one of those boring posts whose main purpose is to show our children, in the future, that we did do things with them.]

We're trying to stick to doing the things on our Semana Santa poster.

So far, no one has hurt anyone or been hurt (too seriously) during this staycation (Yes, I used "staycation". Sorry.). We are preeetttty tired of telling Lili to stay at the table at meal times and of hearing her whine about food, which we now do one additional time each day since she's home for lunch, but, but, well, there's nothing we can do about it. She lives here.

We are enjoying getting back out into the city. Been a long winter and have forgotten what's out there.

Skating frenzy

Monday morning we hosted a skating event at our place for all Lili's friends. Our building has the big patio, so we have to aprovechar. There were about a million little girls there. It was fun, though Oliver, who was leading the pack in games on his skateboard, reports that every 5 minutes a child was crying (either because of falling or perceived injustice) and that little girls only play games for about 5 minutes and then someone will invariably get bored or think of a better game and long discussion ensues before a decision is made to change games or continue with the current game. I was busy keeping Josie from jumping off things, so I did not notice.

After lunch and siesta-ing and watching "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", which was on our poster and Lili was desperate to see for the first time, we went out to a very windy Ciutadella Park. We recently gifted Lili our old hand-held digital camera and she's been quite the photographer. Lot's of photos of people on the street, the backs of our heads, the floor and plants. She did stalk the family of ducks shown below for a good 10 minutes before managing a shot, so at least she's showing dedication.

Everyone took off to play and I was left with a stroller holding a skateboard and scooter, looking like a mentalist.

Beach with buds

Tuesday Lili went with some friends and their parents to the Passeig MarĂ­tim for some beach, picnic and more beach. When I picked her up at her friend Gerard's house, she was being bathed and then blown dry by his mom, then had a Camomile tea before leaving, wearing Gerard's clothes home. It was very sweet.

Then we went home and cheekily watch "Honey, I Blew Up the Kid" during and after dinner. [Why is that movie not called "Honey, I Blew Up the Baby" ??? Sounds much better, no?]

I snapped this shot at lunchtime before I left her on her own with the crew.

That afternoon while Oli was at work I took Josie out for a long play at Joan MirĂ³ park, where almost immediately I managed to let her scrape her face from top to bottom.

She was stepping down from a tree stump that was about 3/4 of an inch high, caught her toe on the ground, and plummeted down. Her hands caught her, but slid out from under in the gravely sand, so her face took the rest of the sliding hit. When she got up her face and mouth were covered in sand and she was pretty banged up. She recovered in under a minute and seemed to be more angry that I was trying to take the tiny stones from her mouth than that her face was scraped. She ran away and giggled at me naughtily while she chewed and then swallowed them.

Chill out

Today was chill out day. It was supposed to rain, but didn't. We acted like it did.

Lili played Minecraft on the iPad and we did some other stuff.

And we managed to tick another thing off the Semana Santa poster: Clean up our 'garden' on the balcony. Swept and wiped, cleared away the dozen or so pots of things we killed (or transplanted) last year and planted some marigolds seeds.

Please ignore the fact that we have a dead Christmas tree on our balcony.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Semana Santa 2013 - Or - Honey, I'll try not to kill the kids

Lili will be off school all week and the following Monday for Holy Week (Semana Santa) and Easter, while Oliver will still be working most of those days, Therefore, it is time for some organization so we have fun rather than end the week in some sort of murder-suicide situation. (PS - I love my children.)

Thus, the 'What I want to do in Semana Santa' poster we made today.

Item 1: Shadow puppets!

We did our first funtastic Semana Santa thing today: shadow puppets! Never really done these before but was inspired some time ago by a scene from he TV show Community, which I cannot seem to find online anywhere :(

A quick search of Google on 'How to make shadow puppets' gave us this video

which provided some very handy tips. Then we improvised with what we had around the house, finally using newspaper pasted together into layers, for added thickness, to create the bodies and bamboo skewers we've had in the kitchen for about 100 years as the sticks. A baby blanket I can't bear to throw away even though no one uses it anymore was our screen.

After a looong time cutting and a very short time rehearsing, Lili and I did the show below for Oliver.

Note: Hidden in our iPad is take 1 of this little show, which ends abruptly when one of the puppeteers burns herself on the lightbulb. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lili's second piano recital

Result of four months of lessons.... She asked and asked for lessons and practices (plays around) on her own on the piano every day, even when I don't sit down with her for real practice. It's nice to see her have her own thing.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Second child guilt

As predicted, Josie will have cause to one day ask, "Why are there no photos of my early childhood and millions of Lili's?"

We've been slacking for the last 15 months. But, I'd like to point out that this is Josie's fault.

Sometimes I can't believe that two kids is just a 1:1 child-to-parent ratio. I suppose it doesn't help that we don't have grandparents around such that we're ALWAYS on duty. 24/7 FOREVER. And it doesn't help that Josie is terrible at sleeping. If she didn't smile and stroke our faces lovingly as part of her nighttime wakefulness, we'd probably have gifted her to some loving Spaniards by now.

But alas, all this shall pass and we'll miss having our little crazy people running circles 'round us, so less complaining, more blogging.

What's Josie doing lately?

- Very good singer. Now can quite quickly pick up tunes you hum to her and hum them back, though her favorites are The Imperial Death March and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

- Says "Hello" or "Hola" to almost everyone she sees on the street, when the phone rings, and at the skype screen...on repeat.

- Obsessed with small stoops in front of doorways along the street. Did a celebratory dance the other day when she stepped down on her own from a ledge that was 1 inch off the ground.

- Scratches. Lili's face is pretty banged up. Poor Lil. She tries to sooth enraged Josie who responds by scratching Lili's face. Lots of Neosporin.

- Able to say "I'm Sorry." After lashing out with a swipe or a scratch she's quick to stroke your face and give a hug. (Future domestic abuser?)

- *Sidenote about Lili* She's great at keeping her cool when Josie's being a hot head. If Josie's hitting, 95% of the time Lili will say "No, Josie. Do nice," In a calm voice and stroke Josie's face gently. The other 5% of the time, Lili will either be emotionally wounded and cry, or scream, "I HATE Josie! She's so mean!" But this is only when very tired.

- Independent. Yeah....we're not allowed to help her with much.

- Loves swings. Angry at children who also want turns. Can go down slides on own. Can take 'em or leave 'em depending on her mood. Not like swings. She's always in swing mood.

- Eats everything.