Friday, November 17, 2006

Huzzah patent holder

Hey -

Oli is convinced that the reason people in our Chicago social circle say "huzzah!" from time to time is because they heard him and his friends say it during the toast at our wedding. He thinks they invented it.

Please back me up and explain that many people in this world say "huzzah!" to be both unified and humorous at the same time.

Sorry Ol.


Anonymous said...

The only time we ever do is when we're immitating Mr. Burns. Because, you know, most of us aren't in the Royal Navy...


Angela said...

Alex Seeley wrote to us in an email: "Regarding the patent for 'Hazzah,’ methinks that twas of my invention, or mimicry, a parody taken from the witty old yellow leaf of my trusty tome “Tom Brown’s School Days”. The origins, though, are actually seafaring in nature. Hazzah! Back in the days…back in the pirating days (not MP3s or video nasties) Hazzah was a word coined when drawing swords. Someone would say hazzah! Swords would then be drawn to battle." Very informative, Alex.