Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election Day

During the days leading up to Election Day, I couldn't care less about politics (other than figuring out who I'm going to vote for). Then, when it arrives, I am suprised to remember how fantastic it is. I don't know why I forget how great Election Day is. But for whatever reason I'm always half-hearted until the actual day arrives, at which point I get all nervous to go vote (funny, no?). Then I go vote and I'm like, "Whoa, this is fun." Then I go home and turn on the TV and I'm like, "Man, this is really exciting!" And then Charlie Gibson and George Stephan-greekolas start talking and I f-ing lose it, as well as my grip on time and space and suddenly it's midnight and I'm exhausted from excitement and overload of intelligent conversation.

And then I wake up and run for the newspaper kiosk to see what happened during those hours of sleep. And that's fun, too.

Happy Day After Election Day, kids. From the looks of the other blogs in our sphere, y'all enjoyed it as much and even more than I did.


Katie said...

The actual act of voting yesterday made me giddy. It was weird.

Megan said...

I told you! Elections are so much fun. I love them.

Angela said...

Side note: I think I am unexcited about elections beforehand because I forget they apply to me. Then, when I vote, I suddenly remember that their outcomes actually affect me....and anything that involves me has to be fun!