Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy birthday me!

Like the Queen of England (Huzzah, peace be upon her) I have two birthdays. One American and one English. I was born 11.06.81, which in England translates as the 11th of June; in American it's November the 6th.

Having only just discovered my birthday, no celebrations are planned. Gifts are welcome, however.


The Tricyclist said...

Wow. That's a beautiful cake. I had no idea you were such a talented baker. You shouldn't have to make your own cake on your birthday, though. Don't you have a woman to do that for you?

Martin K. said...

My english b-day is the 10th of Smarch... lousy Smarch weather.

able dj said...

I certainly never got a cake like that when you lived with me Oli. Have you been watching Martha Stewart re-runs?