Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Also shaken

I'm a middle-aged woman, evidently.

Oli and I went to go see Casino Royale last week and in the words of Martha Matters, yowza! I've been day-dreaming about Daniel Craig/James Bond ever since. Plus, I want to be a spy now. It's one of those movies that really wraps you up in its world, and now here I am, thinking up ways Oli and I can get into espionage....and ways I can meet Daniel Craig.

Go see it; it's actually shot really well, has good characters, attempts to not degrade women, and has a great exchange that ends with James responding: "Skewered."

Oh, and one other thing, I really, really hated Batman Begins and somewhat resent Martha comparing these movies, but I'll let it slide because she dresses so well.


Anonymous said...

I've always thought that your husband was kind of a more-handsome version of Daniel Craig, so I can understand your affection for Craig.
Now you just need to get Oli one of those little blue bathing suits.

Angela said...

Yes, it's true. Another side effect of seeing this movie has been a one-dimensional crush on Oli based on his Britishness and resemblance to Daniel Craig. Indeed, a tight bathing suit is in order.

Oliver said...

I didn't realise this Bond thing had gone so far.

Anonymous said...

It has. It's time to show off the bathing suit. Really.

Katie said...

You know, I watched Batman Begins the other night and didn't think it was half bad. I'd like to know what you hated so much about it, considering your use of multiple "really"s indicate a strong dislike.

able dj said...

Please think carefully before persuading Oli to don tight pants. It's been done before, but really shouldn't have been. :(