Monday, November 27, 2006


Just some cute bits:

1. My nephew has been waiting for weeks to put up the Christmas decorations but my sister said not until the day after Thanksgiving. On November 1st, knowing this was the month of Thanksgiving, he said, "Can we just put up a little now? Like, a candle?" There is no arguing with the 5-year-old mind.

2. We decorated the Christmas tree at my parents' on the day after Thanksgiving (the kids got my sister to cave and put up their tree three days before). On about her 12th ornament, my niece Marisa hung it gently on the tree, gazed at it and sighed, "Ah, the first branch of Christmas." We stil are unsure of what they means, but it's a nice sentiment.

3. I'm set on getting mini radio-controlled cars for all of my family members for Christmas. I have visions of Grandma and her sister racing to the death while eating brownies and drinking egg nog. Oli is down with this idea but doesn't want to get one for every individual. I say, what man wouldn't give his left arm for a wife that wants to buy 30 rc cars?

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