Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lily's new room

Kevin Rooney has left us for Madrid for a few days to stay with his friend Natalia and her family in a town outside the city, and then will be off to India for a few months on the last leg of his year-long travels.

With his depature, a room opened up and Lily moved into her big-girl bed. You will note that it is on the floor, which works out quite well. Why buy a bed frame just so you will then have to buy a guard rail? With the move to the new room, sleep patterns have greatly improved. There was only one major wake-up the first night and after being reassured that mom and dad loved her and being told how Bozwell Bear used to sleep in mom's bed when she was a kid, she gave a look that said, 'Ah, so you haven't put me in here because you hate me,' and fell deep asleep until 9am (!!!). No trouble napping yesterday, no trouble going to bed last night and we all got to sleep through the night for the first time in a loooong time.

Other features of the room: Thomas the Tank Engine and friends posters; a tent that doubles as a home for babies, baby beds, and a small kitchen set; a small guitar left by K Roon, and a cool chair given to Lily by friends Antony and Marta. In the tent photos, Lily is throwing a minor tantrum because she wants to hold the camera. I love the feet kicking in the last one.

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