Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy birthday, kid

Was in England for a while, originally for Lily's big second birthday, and later, we stayed on for fun. We kind of missed blogging about Lily's birthday (Feb 2 - Same as Jay and my dead family cat Asha) due to these travels and the camera battery dying before we could upload photo evidence of its celebration, but now, we make up for it.

Photos include Lily sliding down the stairs on a crib/cot mattress with cousins Hannah and Dylan, the party itself, the cat cake Yaya Lisa (as Lily now calls her) made, and general good times. Oli says a video is coming.

Watching some old videos last month (remember all those head-bashing falls that used to entertain you sick people???), it struck me that Lily is really no longer a baby and will never be a baby again. We made it through all those things that made us crazy (but not quite as crazy as a two-year-old makes us) and all of the sudden, she's a kid bossing us around ('Mommy, play!' - 'Daddy, make a tower!' - 'Melk, melk, melk!'). Actually, what we really made it through was figuring out what kinds of parents we are and would like to be, what is worth freaking out about and what isn't, how to accept advice and also to trust that we know Lily well enough to ignore advice at other times, and overall, that we're good parents, so there!

You better thank us for all this later, Lily. Happy birthday.


Jay M. said...

You guys have done a great job, just look at her. She survived all the bumps and bruises thus far, and seems to be on the road to a confident and assertive childhood.

Hope to see you guys again soon, and I can't think of someone better to share a birthday with!

Caleb said...

True story: when I was six I almost broke my foot doing something similar with foam pad and my basement stairs. Funsies.