Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm in England

And so is Lily.

Very quickly before Lily wakes up from her nap:

We were here for a long weekend to celebrate Lil's birthday with English family and friends. It was fun and at the end we were exhausted after three weeks in the US for Christmas, two whirlwind weeks back in BCN, and a weekend here. So Lily and I decided to stay on for another week and a half while I'm still unemployed and recover!

While Ray and Lisa have been at work, we've plodded through the English countryside in Lily's new Wellingtons and rain coat (thanks Nana Lisa!), gotten over our fear of crossing the road in this country, hiked over to the next town to buy thank-you notes and hot chocolate and all-over revived ourselves!

Now we're ready for lots of visiting:
* Friend Mal and baby Aldous at the London Zoo tomorrow
* Me sans Lily to see Megan and Marty and some DJ on Friday
* The McAndrews and little Delia on Tuesday
* As well as a visit here at home from cousin Hannah over the weekend while her parents continue to get used to new bundle Baby Sam

Lily's just woken up, so more later!

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