Monday, December 04, 2006

This one's for you, Sunday-night-football-watching men

Last night I stopped by Kevin Rooney's where he, Drogos and Jared were watching football. The commercial where all the college team mascots are chasing the heisman trophy came on. There are bears and other normal mascots running around and then there's this boulder-y thing. We wondered which mascot that could be and if it could represent the Ohio State Buckeyes. This question begged another: What is a Buckeye?

A buckeye is a stinky nut that comes off of the Aesculus glabra Willdenow tree. See here for discussion.

Other answer:
The boulder-y thing does indeed represent said Buckeye and it looks like we weren't the only ones who had this question.

See parts one and two of the commercial for yourself.

Also, Drogos, we were right that Oklahoma's state motto is "The Sooner State;" thus, the U of OK team name.


Caleb said...

Oklahoma used to be Indian Territory allocated by the government. They decided to open the land up for grabs and move the Indians too...I don't think they had a plan for that. Regardless, the land was supposed to be opened on a specific date but a lot of settlers just charged in and grabbed land early, and they became known as "Sooners."

/does a soft-shoe

Anonymous said...

Apparently, if you went to Virginia Tech you're a "Hokie", and I'm glad I didn't go there because a "Hokie" is supposedly a castrated turkey.

So THAT'S why they didn't win the national championship...