Friday, December 08, 2006


Oliver's permanent residence has been approved. This means we will be in England for Christmas (most likely). The email I got last night says that it can take up to 30 days for him to receive the green card at home, but they said the same thing about the work permit and we got it in under a week.

Our scheduled departure is on Tuesday, December 19, which means we get to England on the 20th. If we don't get the card in time, we'll reschedule for a week or two later.

I was getting pretty excited to spend New Years with everyone here, so don't think we won't be missing you guys, but I think everyone can understand our excitement to go see Lily's grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, and Oli's friends and to be in a country that is a lot warmer than Chicago is right now. Brrr.

Humorously, I just sent off a $170 check to Homeland Security yesterday to get an expedited travel document so we could make it to the UK for Christmas. All day yesterday I kept checking my email to see if his perm res would miraculously get approved and I wouldn't have to send this new application. At 4pm I finally gave in and next-day aired it to California. They sent me the approval notice by email at 5:42 pm and I opened it first thing this morning. I almost choked on laughter when I opened my email this morning. My instincts were so right, but I don't mind that I ignored them and now have to clean up the mess of this new application because we'll be in England in just over a week.



Martin K. said...

Sweet! I'll email you our numbers.

The Tricyclist said...

Yea! Have a great trip, you jetsetters!

Dow Jones said...

That first picture is amazing.

Anonymous said...

That's great news! Looking forward to seeing all three of you very soon!

Anonymous said...

Oli and Calib are such great dogatarians (see raging apes latest entry). i'm glad to know that if i was a stinky dog and lived in one of the millions of chicago neighborhoods my friends are now spread out in, i would be well taken care of. but i am so glad i'm not a stinky dog.
p.s. i would have posted this on Raging Ape but Calib must not want my dumb comments because he only alows "bloggers" to leave comments. considering i can't even read an entire entry without getting computercrazed i will sadly never become a blogger.

Anonymous said...

I will miss you guys at New Years.

Mal said...

I look forward to raising a glass with you all in Godsy (a non-alcoholic fruit spritzer, in my case). Huzzah!