Friday, December 15, 2006


It's official.

We're leaving for the UK on Tuesday, December 19th in the evening and getting there on Wednesday, December 20th in the morning.

We're going to Barcelona on the 22, 23 and 24.

I'm returning to Chicago on January 3 and Oli and Lily will return a week later (still need to change their tickets).

Excitingly, Mendy and Dave are in town from London right this moment (Mendy is a friend who also married a Britisher and moved away to London a few years ago) . They stopped by ours last night with Colin and Jay and met our girl Lily. They will be back in London for New Years, so perhaps the four of us will all catch up with Marty and Megan and the Milford Kru and it will be an event worth remembering for at least three weeks.



Megan said...

I, for one, am really hoping the New Year's thing happens. I'd probably remember it for at least six weeks.
Say Hi to the Potunkey crew while they're over there.

Caleb said...

We'll miss you guys but have fun.

Go Gunners.