Monday, December 18, 2006

Let the games begin

We stayed in a hotel downtown overnight on Saturday with my sister and her family after a night taking in the lights, the Marshall Field's/Macy's Mary Poppins window display, the German Christkindl market and doing a looong stroll down the Magnificent Mile. Here's an afternoon shot from our hotel room window. We figured Simon and others kids would get a kick out of this view.

There was only a shower in the hotel room, so Lily got a bath in the sink.

Lily's first giant Christmas tree.

Santa made a stop by our place earlier in the day and left some stocking stuffers for my nephew and niece Jacob and Marisa, but he also left a note explaining that he has mistakenly delivered some of their presents to England. So we offered to pick those up for them.

We're off Tuesday evening to continue our holiday adventures...


The Tricyclist said...

That skyline is very exciting to me too, not just the kids. Gotta love those honeycomb towers.

Staying downtown for a night sounds super fun. DId Lily have a big reaction to all the sparkly decorations?

Have a great trip!

Megan said...

Everybody's getting new blog skins for Christmas. We know how to keep things interesting! Ow!