Wednesday, December 07, 2005

reach for the lasers, safe as fuck!

When not cavorting with nurses at medical examinations I like to indulge in a little Toxic Dancehall. For all those who came down to Bristol on Saturday night for DJ Scotch Egg, Floorclearer and Parasite I would just like to say a big thanks for a great evening and please take a moment to enjoy this photo. Memorable events of the evening include the Horne sisters, between them, vomiting on the dancefloor and down the sofa in the chill-out room, meeting Sam’s new girlfriend, Laura, and having James make a lightening drive from Milford to Bristol at midnight so he could join us for this last ever Toxic Dancehall.

Following on from the nurses and pigtails thing. I’m not really sure about any scrawny British airport employees but I’m really turned on by the thought of pregnant women in pigtails at the moment, especially yankee girlfriend ones. See you soon gorgeous!


Sam said...

And very nice it was to see you Oli. Worry not though, for I have since been in the offices of Deathsucker records and seen a poster for a smaller but no less devastating Toxic Dancehall featuring Olly Hornes favourite; Enduser.

We reached for the lasers, your safe as fuck.

mal said...

Dear oli!
I was so excited to have my photo on the internet that I showed my friend at reaslise that the accompanying text revealed that my sister and I had both been sick in inapprpriate areas .