Friday, December 23, 2005

Best Christmas Present Ever

I say farewell to my fellow Chicagoans as I embark on my Christmas voyage this evening.

I am a little sad to go as Chicago at Christmas is a lovely thing. This morning the saxophone man at the train station was rocking out on "Walking in A Winter Wonderland", the weather was not too cold but just right with sun blazing over the city skyline, and everyone was wearing jeans to work. I say, Happy Holidays, indeed.

So on this lovely winter's day I'd just like to take a moment to reflect on hemorrhoids and giving. My friend Sean Higgins gave me the best Christmas present ever: he got hemorrhoids in my place. Most pregnant women are supposed to get them and I haven't yet in this oh-so-far-along 32nd of 40 weeks of pregnancy. Sean, however, developed an incredible one over the weekend for God-only-knows-what reason. It has since been removed, but this will not stop me from thanking Sean for carrying my burden for me, if even for only 2 days. What a pal, what a Christian. Merry Christmas!

To the British to whom I am flying, I look forward to a great week, if after reading the above you're not too grossed out and still want to hang out with me. Until soon,
~ Angela

For a full account of Sean's tribulations, see

1 comment:

Sean said...

I've never really bought into that "giving makes me so happy" crap until now.

I'm elated.