Wednesday, December 14, 2005

comemos lomo y quesos

So, back in Barcelona. Liked it? Loved it. Felt like home. I enjoyed a comprehensive Barca experience, minus getting mugged and visiting the peep shows on the ramblas, with all the old peeps. Saw an exhibition of video art with timo, some funk at a jazz bar with Claire and Mike Mc, and had multiple drinks with the rest. I also visited Platja de Castelldefels which is mine and Angela's spiritual home. We spent time indulging ourselves here when we had just found out about the baby; swimming in the sea in the morning and evening and playing frisbee as the sun went down. In the evenings we stayed in a lovely hotel overlooking the beach, kindly paid for by my parents.

The picture shows Lawson and I enjoying a couple of bocadillos con lomo y queso, an old favourite, particularly of Ange and I who bonded over them during our brief but productive honeymoon period.

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Oliver said...

Aw. Make me all teary-eyed. And what a nice picture of you and the Law. ~ Angela