Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wisconsin: land of beer, fish, frogs, sun and beer

For the third year in a row Lily and I joined my sister, Nick, the kids and my bro in Goodman Wisconsin at Nick's family vacation home. It's unfortunate that Oli couldn't make it this year, but my cousin Gina came along, so he wasn't really missed.

My brother and Nick got up at 4 every morning to go fishing and the first morning Nick caught a 36 inch muskie, which is the biggest muskie he's ever caught and a much bigger fish than anyone thought was in the little lake the house is on. After texting the picture to people, he was barraged with messages and calls for days with men saying things like, 'Wow, that is life changing.' My sister is pretty certain that they received less response from her birthing children.

Um, Nick and I got really drunk one night. Well, actually, over the course of an afternoon and into the night. It all ended here, with he and I desperately trying to find a radio station signal so we could dance to music. When that failed, my sister suggested we play music from Nick's phone (he's got a fancy I-podish phone). We did and we danced, badly. In Nick's state of inebriation though, we were great and he stopped at one point to admire my moves, gasping and saying, 'Angie! You're such a good dancer!' Needless to say, my sister and cousin were highly amused...until the next morning.

Lily saw here first fish fileted. At first she was a bit stunned, but when Nick made the half opened fish speak to her and it was all smiles and intent interest from there.

Lots of tractor driving.

Lots of frogs.

Lots of fishing.

Lots of puzzles.

And of course, lots of sun.

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