Tuesday, July 29, 2008

America: All the memories that don't fit anywhere else

Fresh from the airport (and an eight-hour flight) Lily settled right into my parents’ house. She loves the cats and couldn’t understand why Poquita didn’t want to play, even when offered Doritos.

A child’s swing was moved from the wasp-infested swing set to a tree in the back yard; only issue was the extreme height of the branch, which yielded an extremely high swing. Kids loved it. This swing was later moved to a different tree and replaced with big-kid swings, which my mom took to utilizing.

New rain gear has been procured: an umbrella to go with existing wellingtons and raincoat.

The 60th Ruiter Family Reunion took place in Indiana this year. A good time was had by all. The highlight for Lily was the gross rubber chicken she got as a prize for the game her age group played. Lil was being a bit fussy but when she realized that when squeezed, a translucent globule filled with a fake egg yolk squelched out of the chicken’s nether region, she perked up and asked, “I can take this home?” Lucky another relative let us take his niece’s home too since numerous kid squabbles were later quelled by producing that second chicken. My nephew Jake won a fish patterned bandana that he now dons regularly. Way to pass on that Ruiter style, game organizers. Otherwise, reunion was all ice cream and rainbows.

We were lucky enough to be in the USA to celebrate its Independence Day. Lily was well patriotic. It’s enough to bring a tear to her British daddy’s eye.

Lily caught her first fish! A sunfish? I think. I don’t think she gets that the fish are hurt by the hook. She treated it as a social visit: “Hello fishy! Oh, ho ho [That’s her ecstatic laugh]!” Nick was gladdened by how quickly she got addicted to the sport.

My nephew got to play in the All-Star game for his little league, um, league? Division? I’m not sure what they’re called in little league. In any case, here he is being a monkey in uniform, and there’s my brother-in-law Nick.

This is me and my siblings. Oh, DNA.

And finally, the kids love when Nick plays with Photoshop. Here’s one of his creations.

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Maiasaura said...

best turtle face ever. what a great uncle!