Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hartrich Alert

Lily and I rented a car (no family car available on this day) and went to see the Hartrichs in their new home. We were fed and given beds and the kids were all very well behaved, so who could ask for more?

We took a walk to the high school and the kids were entranced by the practicing marching band pit/percussion. We stopped to listen...

I thought Theo's cool mohawk made him look like a sweet little frog, which I mean only as a compliment.

Assorted cute photos:

Lily and Simon playing every kid's favorite game: "Go to sleep, Wake up".

Three kids eating well together! Incredible! Call the papers!

A lovely scene. Straight out of the 'Happiness Machine' chapter of Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine (Synopsis: After trying to build a machine that you can step in to become happy - it rather resembles a TV in a small room - Leo Auffman is surprised to find that it actually makes people unhappy because it shows them things they'll never have in reality. He realizes he has no need for such a device because he already has one. The chapter ends with him smiling at the fluid movement of the real happiness machine as he gazes in through the front window of his home, watching his family go through their pre-dinner routines.).

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Maiasaura said...

The comparison to Dandelion Wine is a huge compliment, greater than you can know. I was an obsessive Bradbury reader in my youth, and Dandelion Wine was my first and always favorite. Hope we can recreate that scene soon, maybe with one Brit and some Chicagoans added to the mix?