Friday, May 30, 2008

We're going... this:

And this:

And to America from July 2 - Aug 6 (Lily and me).

And to England on Aug 6 (meeting Oli there).

We won't have the van for the VW fest, unfortunately. Oli has named the van Furgoneta (the Spanish word for van), but pronounced in an English accent. Her nickname is Furgy.

The Daydream festival is the day after Oli's birthday and we're really just going to see Radiohead.


Dow Jones said...

You should see Liars at the Daydream Festival because they are super fantastic. only if it doesn't conflict with Radiohead of course.

Angela said...

And that's why we're friends with Nate Hartrich.

Colin said...

looking forward to some awesome hanging out time!