Thursday, May 08, 2008

Trip to England


Maiasaura said...

Great pictures, Oli! That wooded area looks amazing. Is is close to your parents' house?
I love the one of Lily leaning out of the window, especially.
Who are the dudes with you in the van? Brothers? Mates?

I hope the bus is everything you hoped it would be. Maybe someday we can have an adventure with you in the vw. That would almost be too good.

Oliver said...

The dudes in the van are my two friends, Mike and Sam left to right.

That's my parent's house yes and the woods are just around the corner. Perfect for the Lily monster.

Adventures in the VW is must.

Anonymous said...

Like em, they're good - particularly:
1. Hannah and lily's matching 'blonde n brown' haircuts.
2. Hannah attempting to strangle Lily, who looks resigned to her fate.
3. Lily in 'i own this bus. it's ALL MINE' pose