Saturday, May 31, 2008


Went to meet Oli at his work on Thursday as he was having a goodbye party with his students celebrating the last day of the class. Lily was pretty tired and silly on the bus ride home. It's moments like this one when you see your kid messy, shoeless and half-drunk in public that make you slow to judge other parents on the bizarre states you see them and their kids in.

The next day Lily put a bucket on her head.

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Maiasaura said...

We've probably talked about this before, so forgive my late night ramblings. But if a loopy ride on a bus makes you slow to judge other parents, just wait until you have kid #2 (if indeed you ever do). Oh my god, I never, ever judge other parents anymore. Seriously. Stumbling through life as a mother of two put at end to all my judgments on other parents. Just can't do it anymore. Because (obviously) I've had so many hairy, scary moments myself. Whew. That #2 is a killer.

And that Lily is adorable with her bucket hat. Oh, Simon has been going through a phase of naming his stuffed animals, which he never used to do. One frog was named Neeneefiggards Mistertooeysocks, which I think is the best name ever. Another animal received the named Lily Seeley, which made my heart explode into a little puffy flower of tingly sweetness. When are those joint family vacations going to begin?