Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who's watching the watcher

I just wanted to clarify that the "Art of the YouTube resonse video" post below was erroneously posted by Oliver under my name. I would almost certainly never write, "Who's watching the watcher?" Almost.



Saving English said...

I am suprised you chose to say 'almost certainly never'. It's both ugly and contradictory.

Furthermore, there appears to be no grammatical problem with 'Who's watching the watcher'.

Angela said...

Oh Saving English, you and your rigid interpretation of grammar in use.

"Almost certainly never" was utilized precisely to create a sense of inner contradiction, affirmed by the writer's repetition later of the word "Almost."

And the problem with "Who's watching the watcher" has nothing to do with grammar and (almost certainly) everything to do with taste.

Anonymous said...

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