Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Poor Elmer

Today Lily was doing really well with her diaper off, running over to the potty a few times during the morning to do pees.

Later I went to make a cup of tea, leaving her playing in the family room. After a minute, she started shouting and crying, so I went to go see what was wrong. I was completely shocked to find Lily had shat on her toy elephant, I think by accident. This however, was not the source of her stress. The shit on her hand was.

It will be a while before I recover from the sight of that turd on poor Elmer the Elephant’s hind wheel, and I don’t know if Elmer will ever be the same.


Cass said...

I wonder if your blog will be in tact in 12 years. If yes, you will have a major one-up when making deals with your teenage daughter. "Um, yeah Lily, you could start dating now if you really want. AND I could tell your friends to search for the post pooping on Elmer the Elephant photos." Yay!

Maiasaura said...


poor, poor elmer. he never hurt anybody.

Caleb said...


Elmer is a great name for the record.