Friday, November 09, 2007

Ye fotos

At the beach with Timo
The most Euro couple ever in the background
Practicing parkour
Dwarfed by sculpture
Riding mom while she gets a 7euro beach massage
A man we sat and listened to for an hour on Montjuic
Listenin' to tunes and eatin' snacks


Jay M. said...

holy photo blog update! Nice. (A la Lily.)

Your new place is beautiful, and the view is redonk. And I like your red couch.

Glad things worked out. Although, I like all the little stuff that seemed to be going on to make the whole transition a little more interesting. Oli yelling out the window for score updates, and balcony singing. Good stuff.

Cass said...

hey ol and ange,
liked the update. i just emailed you about getting some background info on oli to close out the account with work from last year. they lost his stuff and i shredded it already, as to not have someone steal his identity--i considered it...haha. yeah, so check yo' emizzle. sorry!!

sir henry oglepants said...

lily practicing parkour. how do you say awesome in spanish??? all my spanish consists of baje del carro y donde estan sus drogas???