Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Potty on, Wayne. Potty on, Garth.

And potty on, Lily. We had our first pee on the potty today.

I had tried the whole no diaper in the house thing while we were in the Barceloneta flat, but that just led to Lily holding in poo and pee and doing them slyly on our balcony when I had to pay attention to cooking dinner. So I figured she needed a little more time to be comfortable and would open up (haha) to the potty thing with time.

In our local Oriental Bazaar shop Lily fell in love with a little plastic potty (in photo), so we bought it right away. At home, she would sit on it from time to time, then jump up after about a second to see if anything had materialized. Now that we are more settled and she likes her potty, I set yesterday as the day to give real potty training another go.

Yesterday I once again realized that long periods of diaperlessness wouldn’t work as she holds it ‘til I look away. But short periods when it’s quite certain she’ll have to go (after waking up in the morning, after nap, when making grunting poo noises) do work. So now at these times we pull the potty into the family room (the bathroom is next to our flatmates’ room and they don’t want to hear me talking about pee-pee and poo-poo for ten minutes at a time) and play with other things until Lily has to go.

This morning was the first go with the new method, and what do you know, within two minutes she sat and peed. I was so surprised when she stood up and there was actually pee in the potty that I spilled my tea everywhere, including on me. I was able to snap a quick shot, seen here. My tea in the background is actually all over the table and floor, but you can’t really tell. Let’s see if we can get a same-day repeat but all the same, well done Lily!


Colin said...

congratultions to Lily! I will go have a pee myself in honor of her accomplishment.

potunkey said...

Do you think you'll do it on the floor in the name of authenticity?

Katie said...

best post ever. Something I'd never thought I'd say: I was having the crappiest day, and Lily's pee story made it all better

Maiasaura said...

Good job to Lily, AND TO MOM!!! Way to work at that parental experimentation... we eventually stumble upon success, right?
I love that you spilled your tea.

And thanks for the pictures. Everything looks gorgeous, including your fabulous faces.

Anonymous said...

Ang and Oli your baby is beautiful. (as represented in the black and white photos of lil not the half naked "i just peed" photo of which i am apparently commenting).
i miss you and i still don't read blogs. lets email chat soon.
I love you guys and miss you! oh yeah, email me your address so i can mail you this winter hat i bought lilly that maybe she can wear when you guys go somewhere cold. its so cute it looks like a cupcake! she can be a cupcake head! ok, gotta stop cause Colin is going to tease me again for leaving such a long personal comment instead of just emailing (i know you guys love blogging so i thought this would be better)- love j-nizzle fo=shizzzzzzzzzle
p.s. angela-there is a new bead store on Division and i must send earrings to you fast- send address and they will arrive with babyhat. oliver, if you pierced your ear i would have great gifts for you too!

Caleb said...

This is a proud day for us all.