Saturday, November 17, 2007

Home for the Holidays

Hi. We're here cooking dinner with Kevin Rooney, who, it seems, will be our flatmate for about 9 months. Actually, he's cooking and Oli and I are hanging out near him. Our internet connection comes in strongest in the kitchen, so I'm reading up on all the Chicago blogging I've missed out on in the last months and I sure do miss you guys. Heavy Metal Drummer came up on my playlist earlier (the Seeleys were just here for a few days and brought my computer out from England, so I can finally listen to MY music) and I was all, "Oh, Chicago and being a young and whatnot" (That's not a gloss but is actually what I thought.).

Let it be known that Lily and I will arrive in Chicago on December 14th, and Oli on the 21st. We'll be about until the 8th of January, staying in Tinley Park but planning to make visits to other parts of the Land of Lincoln.

Lily says, "Hi guys."



Maiasaura said...

um, what are these other parts of the land of lincoln of which you speak? do they, perhaps, include urbana? if so, we must make a visit happen.

Colin said...

I look forward to seeing you!