Sunday, April 22, 2007


My parents came out to Small Bar with us this morning to watch English football. Lily ran up and down Division enjoying the glorious day and Oli chased her around with a pool cue. Dad read the paper and Mom raved about the whole wheat pancake. And yes, Mom asked the waiter his name and introduced herself to him.

After that it was Humbolt Park, walking around the fishing pond, over bridges and through patchy trees. We pointed at geese, dangled our feet in the cold water, found a big egg, released cat tail silk into the wind, and found a most excellent scrubby stick to hit things with. A typical day in kiddom, where you're king if you've got a stick in your hand and rich if you find several Heineken bottle tops. Lily is a queen and a millionaire today.


Jay M. said...

this makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

hey, guess what? i'm reading a blog!!!
Also, sorry we missed eachother Sunday. I had intentions of making it to Small Bar and then decided to read magizaines in my back yard all morning followed by a bike ride to Humbolt around 1:30-ish. my head is sore from headers at practice... fun fun fun. Sunday night i saw a great band with chris m. at sub t. i recommend you check it out: The Draft. very cool.-janice

Dave said...

Just time to mention how much I love, love, love LOVE yankee pancakes. Better than almost anything.

Connoisseur of breakfast that I am, allow me to reccomend Chicago's finest breakfast place, the Golden Nugget.

Or my very own yankcakes (ho ho), which I make using that Aunt Jemima stuff.

The Tricyclist said...

ditto jay's comment.

sounds like one of those idyllic days you'll want to remember when your child is all grown up. good thing you have a blog to document this important stuff! reading this again sometime in the future will make you feel warm all over. that is my prediction.