Friday, April 06, 2007

More proof that our child is cool, but you already knew that

Being Lily's mother, she impresses me in many ways. Her new way of impressing me is with her bravery. She's so tough and inquisitive!

Take for instance her fearlessness when it comes to dogs. No matter how giant the beast, when Lily spots it from 100 feet away, she begins woofing like a high-pitched poodle and moving toward the thing. We must then go accost the owner, make them stop their walk and let Lily commune with the dog, which means letting her woof at it and pet or pinch it. Dogs don't seem to mind.

Another example: her new interest in climbing. Boxes, stools, roadside curbs, steps. You name it, Lily wants to put her feet on it....but not without asking for a helping hand from Mom or Dad once in a while. This makes me admire her even more; she's not a reckless child, leaping off things or clambering up things she can't manage, but she still goes for it. When she sees something climb worthy, she sticks her hand out to us, asking for a little stabilizing hand hold, and then begins her assent, which sometimes leaves her in a horizontal position, feet on the high thing and hands holding on to us.

Tonight she started exploring the world of swimming, which only further impresses me. We were in the bath together and it was quite deep. She slipped and went right under at one point, only to stand up and shake it off. I'd like to think my not freaking out about her falls helps her to not be bothered by them, but in this case, it was all Lily. Her slip under the water got her interested and from there she kept experimenting with ways to slip or float on her belly or back. This experimentation led to a few other dips under, but she just blinked out the water from her eyes and kept trying it out. What a cool kid.

Anyway, here's one last photo of her playing in the alley like a real city kid.



Maral Tabrizi said...

your lily and your expressions really make me want to have a child :P.

Colin Hughes Taylor said...

that alley shot is oh-so-very Oliver Twist, street urchin Dickensian. . .please please print and frame that.

And Oli, the windows are open right now, jackass! Because I'm prepping the meal for tomorrow. . .bring an appetite.

The Tricyclist said...

damn. i thought for sure i had already commented on this post. i guess it was only in my head.

i love all the photos here, especially the one of her peering out the door (is that the whale stool? yea!) and the alley pic is great. i agree with colin.

what you are describing are all great qualities, to be sure. it's so fantastic when you realize that not only do you love your kid, you really like her as well.