Monday, April 23, 2007

Louis Theroux

Loo-ee Ther-oo.

He's a television journalist for the BBC and you should check him out because:
a) He is excellent at acting dim to disarm his subjects, a la Colombo
b) He does great interviews
c) His topics are interesting and outcomes oft unexpected
d) He's pretty cute in a dual national hipster way

1) Wikipedia

2) Most Hated Family in America (in several parts on YouTube)

3) Google or YouTube "Louis Theroux Weird Weekends" and you'll find episodes of his old BBC program


Caleb said...

I watched the Most Hated Family in America last week. It was absurd but expected in a weird way. The college girl laughing after saying "Then you're going to hell" was the most alarming part to me.

He is definitely a good journalist.

Mal said...

I like his daddy's books. And i met him once when i was working at a post production studio. He was very tall and dishy and surrounded by 'yes men'. I served him tea but got all nervous and spilled it and ran off flustered.

The Tricyclist said...

I do not know this man, but I like his name. It rolls off the tongue.

Anonymous said...

Check out "paradise lost", a story about a church group turned cult. Eventually turned mass suicide at Jonestown in the 70's. (History channel show) This reminded of the beginnings of Jim Jones' cult. I will await the same fate for these extremist if they continue like this. Good job Louis!