Friday, January 27, 2006

Too tired to fight the law

Last night I waited three hours to see my OB/GYN. I was the last appointment at 8:30 and I saw the doctor at 11:30. This was ok since I know Dr. Flosi was just running behind because he cares and takes lots of time with each patient. So I was patient (Haha, a play on words). It was also nice to hear him say that the baby's development is excellent and that he thought we had little to be concerned about the baby's heart, as the ultrasound doctor had suggested, since the second trimester ultrasound showed everything to be fine and offers a much clearer picture than a third trimester ultrasound, when the baby is big and obscured. He figured this other doctor was just playing it safe since he couldn't get a good view of our big baby's heart. We still have to go for the echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) on Monday, but still, I breathed a sigh.

Just before midnight I began the 40-minute journey home. I was road hypnotized and kept catching myself speeding a lot. I kept slowing down only to find my pedal once again to the medal. At one point I looked up from noticing how fast I was going and noticed something else: a cop car sitting along the road just ahead....who pulled out behind me as I desperately tried to slow down.

No luck. He flashed and I pulled over, as did another cop car....who really had no part in all this but was probably bored? I was too tired to even haggle with the officer, which in my mind would have gone something like, "Um, I'm pregnant. Feel like not giving me a ticket?" ***Big doe eyes*** Nope. I had no will to even try. He was nice enough, I mean, nice enough for a cop giving a ticket to a pregnant chick about to pop. He took my license, wrote up my ticket, and that was that. I couldn't even care.

As I drove on aferward I then realized all the lame unecessary hassles this ticket would cause: Traffic school in order to keep the ticket off my record and prevent my insurance rates from increasing (when will I do this if I have a new baby and a crazy wedding to plan!?). A fine to be paid with money that could so go to better use. Having no picture ID which is necessary for everything hospital related. Sucksville.

I went home more tired after this delay, overtired and self-pitying in fact. I took a long shower and thought about how a week ago I was scared out of my mind that our baby might be a trisomy baby and how I had thought then that I would give anything, even have the rest of my pregnancy and delivery be excruciating, for this kid to be ok. Now here I was with the knowledge that the baby was probably ok but I was pouting about a stupid ticket.

It was now after 1am. I was about to fall asleep when Oli came home from being out at a bar/concert with some friends. He was cute and semi-drunk, which made me laugh. We celebrated the fact that our baby is probably normal and healthy. He cuddled my bum while I lamented about my long evening. He told me about his fun night out during which my friends evidently told him I used to write emails from Barcelona about him all the time before we were even dating (lies). He asked what I wanted for dinner the next day (he's already such a dad). We laughed and even kissed a little (scandalous!).

Thus, the moral of this somewhat drab story is, you know, have fun and stuff. Thinkin' 'bout healthy babies and bum cuddlers is way more fun than dwelling on traffic citations.


megan said...

I stand by my claim that you talked about him even before you were dating! It's true I tell you!

The Tricyclist said...

Hip hip hooray for a probaly healthy baby!!!