Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Take a gamble

So, we do NOT have a trisomy baby. In fact, our baby is awesome. Although, I should probably rephrase that because if we did have a trisomy baby, I would still think it was awesome because it would be MY trisomy baby.

Either way, our baby IS certifiably great. The echocardiogram doctor and technician both agreed that the health is excellent and they were a bit mystified regarding why we were sent to them in the first place. I could have told them that the doctor who did the last ultrasound was a big douche, but they seemed to come to that conclusion on their own.

The child is not only in good physical condition, but also clearly in high spirits as throughout the scan s/he waged a cute little war, pushing back at the tech’s probe whenever she pushed it firmly into my belly. I was helpless during this funny little struggle which was honestly none-too-comfortable for me.

Currently my belly is so weirdly bulbous and is generally rocking and rolling with baby’s giant movements. This kid wants out.

BUT NOT YET! Daddy’s on another continent, or will be as of early tomorrow morning!

That’s right. Oliver’s visa interview takes place this Thursday in London, so he leaves at 6:00 tonight for the UK. With luck, by the end of the day Thursday he will have a fiancĂ© visa stamped in his passport and can proceed to purchase a ticket to get the hell back here before I pop!!!!!

Meanwhile, I have nightly talks with baby about how excited I am to meet him/her but reiterate that it will be best for everyone if s/he stays in for a couple more weeks. Oliver would, you know, like to witness the birth of his first born child. Not until February 15 – my due date and coincidentally the 6-month mark of my employment - am I eligible to receive two extra weeks of paid maternity leave and if I can stay at the office until that date, I will not have to pay for my benefits during any of my off time. Plus, isn’t it best to stay in the womb and cook all the way until that due date???

Root for us, people. Or at least start some kind of wager on this thing.

Will Oli make it back in time?
Will I be able to work until my due date?
Will the child come before or after the 15th?

Tune in next week. Same baby channel. Same baby time.


Katie said...

I lost the bet...but I did clothe possible provide the baby with its o nly return home clothing, so I am okay with it

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