Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Domestic Domicile Bliss

The round bed is the way, my friends. Happening upon one in IKEA the other day, I doubted my sanity when after pouncing on the lovely cornerless thing I felt little pangs of love. When Oliver professed that he felt the same pangs, I wondered if this was confirmation that a) I was right to love the bed or b) we were both huge losers. In the end, the answer to this question did not matter and we bought it. We now sleep blissfully in our little piece of heaven. Come over and try it out, kids.

High fives to people who have eaten dinner with us at the new apartment over the last few nights: Colin, Kevin, Brian, Kate, Nick, Megan, Janice, my parents…..We have learned that a good kitchen is extremely important in a home and you have helped test the worth of our current model. With a good sturdy table for gathering ‘round, a bowl of almonds and fruits for pre-meal nibbling, a hanging fern for natural influence, and a giant wall world map for conversation, education and reference, well, I think our little kitch measures up. The family room is pretty cozy too and lends itself nicely to the drinking of post-meal tea and/or lager, not to mention the playing of various card and board games. Alas, we have a home.

For the English, be aware that Oliver can cook and continues to astound me daily by looking up and trying new recipes. If you want to try out some of this new-found culinary delight, you’ll have to come out to Chicago for a certain event taking place in April.

By the bye, wedding accommodation info will soon be available for the British. It looks like we can line up a few week-long rentals of apartments in the city with about 6 people to a flat at $120-150 each for the week (about £90 each). Check your email in days to come!

~ Angela

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