Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cheese, poo, and smash apple

Attempting to get back into the habit of blogging...

I have a notebook I write humorous phrases in that I hear people say during the day - mostly my family.

My latest entry is from yesterday morning:
Josie had just staggered out of her room first thing in the morning and was looking all angelic in that soft sweaty still sleepy kid way. I said, "Good morning, baby!" We had a great big hug. She paused and said, "You smell like cheese and poo."

I asked Lili (who now prefers her name be spelled this way, despite previously preferring it be spelled 'Lily') to draw up this scene in her comic book way.

Here is her interpretation:

The third, additional scene is me remembering I had bought cheese and poo scented perfume the day before.

In other news, Lili wrote up this story today. I love the turn of phrase and understated ending.

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