Monday, April 18, 2016

10 years

At the weekend we celebrated 10 years of marriage in a group of 15 people for 3 days at a country house in the Montseny national park. Takeaways:

  • We have made it. Weren't always sure we would. But foundation laid. Job done. Petty things mostly no longer matter. We can mostly get through day-to-day mood challenges (ours and kids) while avoiding major disaster. This means the next 10 years we can focus on becoming awesome individuals with the support of one another and said kids....and planning more fun stuff like this weekend.

  • We have fantastic friends. A few different friend groups were brought together this weekend and on no less than 5 occasions, someone commented at length to me and/or Oli on what all-around easy-to-get along with, interesting to chat with, and fun people they had met.

  • People - whether they have kids or not - need BBQs, games, the outdoors, music, dancing, and smiling faces.



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