Sunday, March 24, 2013

Semana Santa 2013 - Or - Honey, I'll try not to kill the kids

Lili will be off school all week and the following Monday for Holy Week (Semana Santa) and Easter, while Oliver will still be working most of those days, Therefore, it is time for some organization so we have fun rather than end the week in some sort of murder-suicide situation. (PS - I love my children.)

Thus, the 'What I want to do in Semana Santa' poster we made today.

Item 1: Shadow puppets!

We did our first funtastic Semana Santa thing today: shadow puppets! Never really done these before but was inspired some time ago by a scene from he TV show Community, which I cannot seem to find online anywhere :(

A quick search of Google on 'How to make shadow puppets' gave us this video

which provided some very handy tips. Then we improvised with what we had around the house, finally using newspaper pasted together into layers, for added thickness, to create the bodies and bamboo skewers we've had in the kitchen for about 100 years as the sticks. A baby blanket I can't bear to throw away even though no one uses it anymore was our screen.

After a looong time cutting and a very short time rehearsing, Lili and I did the show below for Oliver.

Note: Hidden in our iPad is take 1 of this little show, which ends abruptly when one of the puppeteers burns herself on the lightbulb. 

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Matt WJ said...

I am around all Semana Santa, and I am well up for some Matt and Lily time.

When do you want me to intervene in the murder-suicides?