Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Second child guilt

As predicted, Josie will have cause to one day ask, "Why are there no photos of my early childhood and millions of Lili's?"

We've been slacking for the last 15 months. But, I'd like to point out that this is Josie's fault.

Sometimes I can't believe that two kids is just a 1:1 child-to-parent ratio. I suppose it doesn't help that we don't have grandparents around such that we're ALWAYS on duty. 24/7 FOREVER. And it doesn't help that Josie is terrible at sleeping. If she didn't smile and stroke our faces lovingly as part of her nighttime wakefulness, we'd probably have gifted her to some loving Spaniards by now.

But alas, all this shall pass and we'll miss having our little crazy people running circles 'round us, so less complaining, more blogging.

What's Josie doing lately?

- Very good singer. Now can quite quickly pick up tunes you hum to her and hum them back, though her favorites are The Imperial Death March and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

- Says "Hello" or "Hola" to almost everyone she sees on the street, when the phone rings, and at the skype screen...on repeat.

- Obsessed with small stoops in front of doorways along the street. Did a celebratory dance the other day when she stepped down on her own from a ledge that was 1 inch off the ground.

- Scratches. Lili's face is pretty banged up. Poor Lil. She tries to sooth enraged Josie who responds by scratching Lili's face. Lots of Neosporin.

- Able to say "I'm Sorry." After lashing out with a swipe or a scratch she's quick to stroke your face and give a hug. (Future domestic abuser?)

- *Sidenote about Lili* She's great at keeping her cool when Josie's being a hot head. If Josie's hitting, 95% of the time Lili will say "No, Josie. Do nice," In a calm voice and stroke Josie's face gently. The other 5% of the time, Lili will either be emotionally wounded and cry, or scream, "I HATE Josie! She's so mean!" But this is only when very tired.

- Independent. Yeah....we're not allowed to help her with much.

- Loves swings. Angry at children who also want turns. Can go down slides on own. Can take 'em or leave 'em depending on her mood. Not like swings. She's always in swing mood.

- Eats everything.

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Laura said...

I love all these little anecdotes about Josie. She sounds like quite the little woman, with quite a fully formed personality! Two kids do give you a run for your money, no doubt about it. I did okay with the pictures and documenting and stuff, but feel guilty for other reasons. For instance, at six years old Theo has watched Jurassic Park and Lord of the Rings. At six years old, Simon was still watching Sesame Street because I was still invested in protecting his little brain. These things happen.