Monday, February 16, 2009

What we big people are up to

Incredibly, Oli and I sometimes do things without Lily.

Lately in addition to Oli teaching and me helping OH with their website and other technical needs, we've been putting together a 5-hour training on blended learning for a group of teachers coming in from another school. We're also doing another version for a 90-minute free training OH will be offering. We're being paid for our time and learning quite a bit in the process, so all-in-all a positive move. If things go well, we'll also be collaborating on OH's blended learning development and training the staff accordingly.

We're also trying to plan a trip to Madrid at the end of March to see Colin and Kristin, and a flight to the UK at the beginning of Holy Week in order to grab our VW and drive it back to BCN.

That's about it.


Colin said...

Hey you!
You probably just mis-typed, but we'll be in Madrid the week of April 26-May 2. And we are looking forward to seeing you all!!


Angela said...

Ah yes, end of April. That's what I meant :P

Caleb said...

I like how a van trip through [swear word] Europe is a throwaway comment at the end of your post.

By that I mean I am incredibly jealous.