Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What we're doing

Living without a computer for one thing. I left Lily in my room for one minute while I went to the bathroom before we headed out to shop. When we came home I opened the computer to find the keyboard moist. 'Why is this wet?' I said aloud. 'Because I cleaned it!' came the joyful reply from Lily. She later divulged that she had poured a bit of water on the keyboard, which no longer worked at this point. Computer has been in the shop for a few days and will be fixed tomorrow.

This all came two days after I took on a web maintenance job at Oxford House, one in which I can work from home on my computer. It's a nice job which seems like it will develop into a larger position doing marketing for the in-center and in-company classes. I'm excited because the position will let me do lots of things I like: redesign and maintain websites, come up with activities and on-line attractions to promote the school, and generally help foster the nice community spririt at OHC. Nerdy organizer meets technogeek meets social butterfly. Plus I get to use Spanish.

Our VW is en-route to Barcelona, being driven by Oli's brother Dave and his girlfriend Laura. Only problem is the van broke down in Versailles and has been there since Saturday. Here's hoping Fergy makes it to BCN.

Lots of things are breaking: computer, van, refrigerator door (fell off on me - fixed with hot glue gun), electric kettle, glass jar we keep tea in (later gashed my finger open on one of the shards in the trash - probably should have gotten stiches; will likely have massive scar).

Lily is in to everything. She picks things up from around the house, puts them in various bags she owns and takes them to cupboards or drawers in other locations in the house. Also likes using scissors, glue and stickers.

Lily is also speaking lots more Spanish and mixing the languages. She peppers her English with Spanish nouns and inserts English into her Spanish responses to people. She wanted some water at the park yesterday (we stay in the park after school 2-3 days a week with a boy from her class and his mom) and I wanted to know if it was for playing in the sand or for drinking. I asked, 'Para beber o para jugar?' and she replied, 'For jugar.' I love it.

I start free government Catalan classes tomorrow. Language normalization, here I come (The department that runs the courses is the Consorci per a la Normalització Lingüística).

Oli has an ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend. He can tell you more about this.

Had an OHC picnic over the weekend, organized by Matt (our flatmate!). Was good times playing rounders (fake baseball) in unseasonably warm weather. Lily pooped in a hole on the beach and buried it.

And yes, my family is coming to the UK for the holidays, so we won't be in America this year. I suppose I'll see most people for Brian's wedding, though.

Consider yourselves updated.


Jay M. said...

It wouldn't be an update without including where Lilly pooped.

Sounds like you're pretty busy these days, but that new job sounds like it could be pretty fun and interesting.

See you soon!

Caleb said...

Congrats on the new job.

Lily is a terror. I'm glad she's speaking my version of Esperanto though. Get her to throw in "Merci" and it's all set.

Anonymous said...

Fake basket ball indeed. How disrespectful to the doyenne of english primary school summer sports.