Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mr Fish

Lily has a new roommate called Mr Fish.

Here she is getting to know him

and showing him the temporary tattoos on her hand.

Hopefully Mr Fish will be a good roommate and not leave wrinkled clothes and empty teacups all over the place. Meanwhile, we're working on teaching Lily not to shout into his bowl.


Colin said...

contrary to common belief, fish in fact LOVE being yelled at. It's their version of eating fried chicken and watching episodes of the Office.

True story.

Miss you guys. Lily the most, but her parents too.

Maiasaura said...

these pictures are perfect. you guys trust your daughter a lot more than i trust my sons. we are a long way off from having living creatures (and large amounts of water) in their rooms.

Caleb said...

Favorite name for a fish: Abe Vigoda.