Wednesday, June 11, 2008

27 years of Oli

It now makes 27 years that he's roamed the Earth and Lily and I suprised him with afternoon tea and cake when he got home from work.

First we threw a water balloon at him from the balcony as he approached the building entrance, then we left him a note and hid in Lily's bedroom with tons of balloons.

When he found us, we played with the balloons.

Then we had cake and tea and opened presents (a box of his favorite Kinder chocolates and three mini Spanish mysteries for beginners, for reading in July when he's taking his language course).

Later tonight, I will regale the man with a loooong back and leg massage. I was supposed to buy him one, but it was massage or groceries on the funding scene this week. Tomorrow we attend Daydream fest and see Radiohead, Liars and Bat for Lashes while Lily stays home with our Romanian friends who, by the way, are very pregnant (two months 'til Baby Igor arrives). All in all, a simple but sweet birthday, I think...but we should probably ask Oli.

PS - Thanks to everyone who sent him birthday wishes today :)


Jay M. said...

Happy Birthday Oli! In ten years, you'll be nearing forty. I hope they treat you well!

Victoria said...

Oli! I missed the chance to send you a birthday message yesterday (damn work getting in my way!), but I figured better late than never! So, here's a big Chicago Happy Birthday for ya!

sir henry oglepants said...

i am a horrible person and never check my email. soooo here's me wishing you a happy birthday and good job you guys with lily, jesus, she's like a real little person where before i sort of just looked at her as a big pet hamster only noisier. she must be amazing.