Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Visual update

So since Lily left two-and-a-half hours ago (see post below), I've not moved from the computer except to refill my cup of tea. I present you with the fruits of some of my labors:

1) Photos of strolls in our neighborhood and through the Barri Gotic on Saturday where Lily made some new friends.

Lily played football with the second kid below for a long time and they got on really well in general, speaking a mixture of Spanish, English and whatever other language that the kid Uriel speaks (It wasn't French, that's all we know.). His family's from Senegal and the dad is a drum instructor and general musician. He invited us to a musical jam session thing he was throwing next weekend and we exchanged info so we can meet up again in the center. The last kid was an Italian with a hippi mom who stuffed Lily with butter cookies.

2) Mini vids of Lil being Lil


Jay M. said...

Man, kids like to sit and laugh. Fun stuff.

"That's right, crash the baby!" Ha.

Maiasaura said...

i agree, urging your kid to crash the baby is hilarious.

also, did you lose your couch?

Angela said...

No couch loss. Just moved things around.